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The natural landscape surrounds us with beauty, and is also the source of the solid hardwood, from which we build beautiful furniture for your home..

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Made in Bradford, Vermont

Copeland Furniture’s natural hardwood furniture is made at our factory in Bradford. We create original furniture designs inspired by our New England surroundings and key historic furniture design movements of the past, particularly Shaker, Mission, and the Arts & Crafts styles.

The Beauty of Natural Hardwoods

Natural hardwoods have specific characteristics that make them warm and appealing to the eye. Swirls, knots and burls are some characteristics that contribute to the natural beauty of finely crafted hardwood furniture. Hardwoods oxidize, or change color, from exposure to direct light. The color of the wood will deepen over time and take on a warm glow and soft patina.

Copeland offers your furniture in your choice of walnut, cherry, or maple!

Care of Your Furniture

When we make a piece of Copeland Furniture, we hope that it will be used and cherished by generations to come, so we have created a clear finish that is silky, smooth to the touch and still tough enough to stand up to the wear and tear of daily family activities. To preserve the beauty of the finish, simply clean the surface of the furniture with a soft damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly. Care over the years to come will not require oil, polishes, or cleaners.


Copeland Is Green Furniture!

We know that our environment is, in many ways, very fragile. We are the beneficiaries of the strong stewardship ethic practiced and passed down by those who went before us. We hope that the next generation appreciates our stewardship and is inspired to continue the tradition.


We hope that you can see that respect for the landscape in the furniture we build for your home – timeless designs and timeless quality. We remain a family owned and operated business committed to manufacturing high quality products in America.

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Warranty: Copeland's Promise Is This: Our promise to our customers is to build furniture with the best materials and workmanship available today; furniture that will be handed down for future generations to use daily and to enjoy its enduring beauty for years to come.


305 South Fir Street Medford, OR 97501

Questions? Call us 541-500-8855

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