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About Countryside Tables

Countryside Tables has been in business since 1978. We welcome and treasure the God-given opportunity to serve our customers well. We offer a line of artistically designed dining options, meticulously handcrafted to meet and exceed the company standards we build by. We work hard to win your appreciation and trust.
When our available options do not meet your specific needs, we will customize your order with courteous Flexibility and unmatched resolve. Our seasoned craftsmen will put your ideas to work, creating a dining set entirely your own. Thank you for choosing solid wood. Thank you for choosing Countryside Tables. The pleasure is ours.

Our Craftsmanship

We take our work seriously. Every step in building a Countryside table is given its proper time frame and the precision required to complete each phase through production. This diligent, handcrafted approach is nothing new, considering the
cultural skills and experience at work here.
For generations the workbench perspective has been kept alive and well, a tradition we enthusiastically promote. Although overall design in fine furniture has changed dramatically along with hand tools becoming increasingly more sophisticated, the built-in integrity remains as reliable as ever.

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Beauty ~ Ingrained

The warmth of woodgrain resonates with unsurpassed beauty, especially when each assembled piece of a dining set complements the other. Each wood specie displays its own luster and appeal, notably heightened by tastefully done table design.

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Legacy ~ Endowed

Naturally a dining set is designed to serve as a focal point for food. Everyone knows the delightful camaraderie of family and friends around a kitchen table. All this aside, durability and comfort are prerequisites high on the list of functionality and accompanying beauty is a welcome extra.

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Function ~ Critiqued

Beauty and function come together in a captivating work of user-friendly art displayed in our dining collections. We believe in investing in the making of a legacy simply because of the unforgettable memories created around the kitchen table.

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Limitless Possibilities!

We care about creating a piece unique to your tastes. Each table is available in multiple wood species, sizes, and finishes. The look you desire is possible and we offer an impressive collection of options to help you create the space where you enjoy great food with friends and family.

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Specialty Woods

Limited Availability

» African Mahagony (1”)        » Ash
» Beech (regular)                    » Clear Soft Maple
» Genuine Mahogony (1”)     » German Beech
» Gray Elm                              » Knotty Pine
» Lyptus                                   » Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut
» Sap Cherry                           » Sap Walnut
» White Oak                            » Wormy Maple

Limitless Possibilities!

Ohio Certified Stains OCS.jpg

Choose from any Ohio Standard Stain Color! There are DOZENS of stain colors available! Plus, Countryside Tables will color match and do white-wash! Their standard catalized conversion varnish provides excellent resistance to heat and water. Upgrade to the Commercial grade 2-part epoxy polyurethane varnish which enhances table top endurance. Specially enhanced to retain hardness when in contact with mild detergents.

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