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Sheffield Amish Dining Table
Sheffield 5 Piece Set by Simply Amish
Solid Maple! Reg. $4224  ON SALE! Call for pricing!
8 Piece Shenandoah Set by Simply Amish
table w/ 4 leaves & 6 chairs
Sold Maple Simply Amish Dining
7 Piece Loft Set by Simply Amish
Parkdale by Simply Amish
Parkdale Set by Simply Amish
(table w/ butterfly leaf & 4 chairs)
2 Tone 7 Piece SEt.jpg
7 Piece Storage Set by H.Estates
Reg. $1709 Call For Sale Price!
Counter Height Mango.jpg
6 Piece Counter Height Mango Set
Reg. $2043  Call For Sale Price!
5 Piece Counter Height Timbre Set
Reg. $934  Call For Sale Price!
Montauk by Simply Amish
Montauk by Simply Amish - Solid Cherry
As Pictured: Reg. $14616 SALE! $9999
Wildwood by Simply Amsh
Wildwood by Simply Amish - Solid Maple
Reg. $7779 SALE! $5399
Counter Height Sheesham Set
5 Piece Counter Height Urban Set
Reg. $2744  Call For Sale Price!
Solid Oak Albany Dining
5 Piece Oak Set by Simply Amish
(Round Table, 4 Side Chairs)
Reg. $5301  SALE! $3659!
Aspen Dining Set in Cherry
Aspen Dining by Simply Amish
6 Piece Large Urban Set
Reg. $2926  Call For Sale Price!
Christy Dining Set.png
Christy by CountrySide
Click For Pricing
Grace Loft Set by Simply Amish
Grace by Simply Amish
Santa Fe CT Amish Table.png
Santa Fe by CountrySide
CT Burnwood Amish Table.png
Burnwood by CountrySide
Solid Shenandoah Set by Simply Amish
Silver Creek by Simply Amish
Sheffield Boat Set by Simply Amish
Set Shot_Franklin.jpg
Franklin by Countryside Amish
Xena by Winners
Goldman Dining Set.png
Goldman by CountrySide
Set Shot_Estate.jpg
Estate by Countryside Amish
6 Piece Tahoe Set w/ Bench
Reg. $2533  Call For Sale Price!
Set Shot_Jordan.jpg
Jordan by Countryside Amsih
Simply Amish Dining Sets Medford
B&O Railroad by Simply Amish
Christy Banquet.png
Christy Banquet by CountrySide
Hamptons by Simply Amish
Hamptons by Simply Amish
Set Shot_Fontaine.jpg
Fontaine by Countryside Amish
Crissabella CT Dining SEt.png
Crissabella by CountrySide
Frisco Dining Set by Simply Amish
Frisco by Simply Amish
Riverview by Simply Amish
Riverview by Simply Amish
Maryan Craftsman Dining Set
Maryan by Simply Amish
MIssion FanTail DIning Set.png
Mission Fan Tail by Countryside Tables
Freemont Dining Set.png
Freemont by Countryside Tables
Old Town Dining Set.png
Old Town by Countryside Tables
B&O Sold Cherry Dining
Solid Wood Dining Furniture

Sheffield by Simply Amish

B&O Railroad by Simply Amish

Shenandoah by Simply Amish

Set Shot leaves up_Brighton.jpg
Brighton by Countryside Amish

Ironwood by Simply Amish

Justine maple dining set

Justine by Simply Amish

Roseville Dining Set.png
Roseville by CountrySide
Mission Reunion.png
Mission Reunion by CountrySide
Livingston Dining Set.png
Livingston by CountrySide
Country Mission Dining Set.png
Country Mission by CountrySide
Shenandoah Extra Large Table

Shenandoah Boat by Simply Amish

Adeline Simply Amish

Adeline by Simply Amish

Round Cherry Dining Table

Shenandoah Round by Simply Amish

Sheffield Dining Solid Maple

Sheffield by Simply Amish

Auburn Bay by Simply Amish

Franciscan by Simply Amish

McCoy Dining Set by Simply Amish
McCoy by Simply Amish
Crawford Pedestal Set by Simply Amish
Crawford Pedestal by Simply Amish
Chambers Creek by Emerald
Set Shot leaves down_Liberty.jpg
Liberty by Countryside Amish
Set Shot_Laurel.jpg
Laurel by Countryside Amish
Set Shot_Hudson.jpg
Hudson by Countryside Amish
Set Shot_Canwood.jpg
Canwood by Countryside Amish
Set Shot_Arizona.jpg
Arizona by Countryside Amish
Set Shot_Carlisle.jpg
Carlisle by Countryside Amish
Set Shot_Harvest.jpg
Harvest by Countryside Amish


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this table expands to seat 12+ people!!

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