Ergonomic Recliner Chairs


Adjustable Headrest - for correct head support in any position

Cold Cured Molded Foam - provides lasting ergonomic comfort

Optimal Lumbar Support - positive support where you need it most

Recliners In Two Sizes - most chairs pictured below come in two sizes  

Inspired by Norwegian landscape since 1941 This year, we are celebrating Hjellegjerde’s 72 years of designing and manufacturing of furniture. The two brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde started the whole thing in the Fjordside district of Sykkylven- and this is where our head office is still found.

For more information on a chair, please come in or contact us here!

Ulstein Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Pismo Beach Recliner w/ Ottoman by Omnia
Santa Monica Recliner w/ Ottoman by Omnia
Big Sur Recliner w/ Ottoman by Omnia
Senator by Fjords
Senator Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
Admiral ergo chair by Fjords
Admiral Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
Muldal stressless chair by Fjords
Muldal Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
Alfa ergo recliner by Fjords
Alfa Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
Regent ergo recliner by Fjords
Regent Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
General Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
Mustang by Fjods
Mustang Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
Loen ergonomic recliner by Fjords
Loen Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
Stockholm Ergo Recliner
Stockholm Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Oslo leathr ergo chair
Oslo Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Urban european style recliner
Urban Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Miami Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Finn swivel chair Fjords
Finn Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Rio Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Metro Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Venice swivel recliner.jpg
Venice Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Axel Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Hans modern recliner
Hans Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Harstad Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Riva scandinavian recliner chairs.jpg
Riva Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
Oskar Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Stockholm Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Helsinki ergonomic chair.jpg
Helsinki Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Magnus leather swivel recliner.jpg
Magnus Power Recliner by Fjords
Bergen by Fjords
Bo Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Bergen Chair & Ottoman by Fjords
Atlantis Relaxer Recliner.jpg
Atlantis Relaxer Recliner by Fjords
Madrid Power Relaxer Recliner by Fjords

Thanks to their burning commitment and great skill, the brothers at Fjords managed to build a business which has become one of Norway’s largest furniture groups. We have gone from being a small family business located in modest cellar premises, to what we are today, a company with market shares in five continents. Through all these years we have produced comfortable quality furniture based on good workmanship and Norwegian design. We feel proud that the furniture from Hjellegjerde® is created with as much commitment and skill as in 1941.Is it the landscape of contrasts around us, where the ceaseless movement of the ocean meets the sturdy solidity of the mountains? Or is it the light in Norway – constantly changing– sometimes light, sometimes dark, one unable to exist without the other? Is that what makes us different from other furniture makers around theworld? Yes and no. The natural world around us is robust – what we make is solid. The natural world around us is generous – our furniture is designed for generous comfort. But the most important key to our philosophy is to find the meeting point of tradition and innovation, the point at which yesterday’s knowledge meets today’s technology. This makes us solid and trustworthy in everything from product quality to delivery. We are always moving towards our goal, just like the ocean, and we will always have our roots in the past, just like the mountains. That´s what makes our products so unique


305 South Fir Street Medford, OR 97501

Questions? Call us 541-500-8855

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