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Book A Design Appointment

Find everything you need to make your house a home, including custom furniture, carefully curated accents, and complimentary styling appointments.


Personalized Service




Expert Advice


What We Do & How It Works:

  • The first thing your Design Consultant will do is talk to you and get to know your style, what you love, what you want and what you don't want in your space. (In-home visits are available, please ask for details)

  • Your Design Consultant will show you around the store, again, getting a feeling of what you like and what you don't like, how you want your room to function, what special considerations you may have (pets, kids, etc)
  • We then work to put together a design plan that you will love, unique to you and your family.

Preparing For Your Appointment:

  • Custom designed furniture and room planning takes time, so set aside one to two hours to spend with us to properly go over your wants, needs, and put together your space.

  • Room dimensions are very important, so be prepared and have them ready. This doesn't have to be elaborate or to scale. Measure your total room space, and add in measurements of any features or items that will not be moving (a fireplace, or a certain area the TV must go, for example)

  • A home visit can be arranged if needed.

  • Its important to minimize distractions, so we suggest leaving the kids with a babysitter during your appointment.

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