Omnia Leather Sofa Selection

Keep in mind, each piece shown below is available in the leather type & color of your choice!

Each piece is custom built for you as a sofa, love seat, arm chair, or any size sectional. Omnia Leather allows you to choose your sofa size (4 seats, 3 seats, or 2 seats), leather type and color, your leg (or wood trim) finish, and the size and style of the nail heads.  Not a fan of nail heads? Each piece can be ordered without!  


What something with a little bling? Add an embossed leather to seat backs, arms and outside panels!

For more information on an item, or the get our best possible price please give us a call today!

Savannah Sofa
Savannah by Omnia Leather
Ventura Leather Sofa
Ventura by Omnia Leather
Capistrano Reclining Leather Sofa
Capistrano Reclining by Omnia Leather
Cedar Heights Sofa
Cedar Heights by Omnia Leather
Breckenridge Leather Sofa
Breckenridge by Omnia Leather
San Clemente Reclining Leather Sofa
San Clemente Reclining by Omnia Leather
Capriana Leather Sofa
Capriana Sofa by Omnia
City Craft Leather Sofa
City Craft by Omnia Leather
Marshall Reclining Leather Sofa
Marshall Reclining by Omnia Leather
San Juan Reclining Leather Sofa
San Juan Reclining by Omnia Leather
Cartwright Specialty Sofa by Omnia
Cartwright by Omnia Leather
Pavia Curved Conversatioal Sofa
Pavia Conversation by Omnia Leather
Bergamo Bellini Recliner Sofa.jpg
Bergamo Bellini Reclining by Omnia Leather
Marlin Reclining by Omnia Leather
Bergamo Sardenia Reclining Sofa.jpg
Bergamo Sardinia Reclining by Omnia Leather
Athens by Omnia Leather
Kaymus by Omnia Leather
Monterray Leather Sofa
Monterrey Sofa
Prairie Mission by Omnia Leather
Ashton by Omnia Leather
Remington by Omnia Leather
Nicholas Reclining by Omnia Leather
Stationary Solutions 210.jpg
Style Your Own #210 - Key Arm
Tuscan by Omnia Leather
Stationary Solutions 205.jpg
Style Your Own #205 - Key w/ Nails
Zane Retro Style LEather Sofas.jpg
Zane Retro Style
Stationary Solutions 201.jpg
Style Your Own #201 - Sock Arm
Stationary Solutions 202.jpg
Style Your Own #202 - Dome Arm
Stationary Solutions 206.jpg
Style Your Own #206 - Track Arm
Max Leather Bench Seat.jpg
Max Bench Seat Sofa by Omnia
Brookhurst Reclining by Omnia
Samford Mid Century Leather.jpg
Samford Leather Sofa by Omnia
Rosemont Reclining Sofa
Jax Bench Seat Leather.jpg
Jax Bench Seat Sofa
Santa Fe Leather Sofa.jpg
Santa Fe by Omnia
Fairmont Reclining Sofa by Omnia
Riley Reclining Leather Sofa
Fifth Avenue Leather Sofa
Essex leather sofa.jpg
Essex Retro Style Leather Sofa
Chelsea Deco Conversational Sofa.jpg
Chelsea Deco Conversational Sofa
Kenya Sofa by Omnia
Huntington Leather Sofa.jpg
Huntington Sofa by Omnia
Dalton Sofa by Omnia
Stationary Solutions 209.jpg
Style Your Own #209 - Padded Track Arm
Stationary Solutions 208.jpg
Style Your Own #208 - Rolled Arm
Max Large Seats.jpg
Max Large Seat Sofa
Bonanza Designer Leather Sofa.jpg
Bonanza by Omnia Leather
Simon Leather Sofa.jpg
Simon Sofa by Omnia
Larsen Reclining by Omnia
Jax Large Cushion.jpg
Jax Large Seat Sofa
Albany by Omnia Leather
Vermont Leather Sofa by Omnia
Newman Reclining Sofa by Omnia
Robertson Reclining Sofa
Coleman Reclining Sofa by Omnia
Kingston by Omnia Leather
Stetson Sofa by Omnia
Glendora by Omnia Leather
Novara Reclining Sofa.jpg
Novara Reclining by Omnia Leather
Stationary Solutions 204.jpg
Style Your Own #204 - Rolled Arm W/ Nails
Versailles Reclining Sofa by Omnia
Max 3C Leather Sofa.jpg
Max Standard Seat Sofa by Omnia
Bismark Reclining Sofa Omnia.jpg
Bismark Reclining by Omnia
Manhattan Leather SOfa.jpg
Manhattan by Omnia
Dakota Reclining Sofa.jpg
Dakota Reclining by Omnia
Jax Deluxe Leather Sofa.jpg
Jax Standard Seat Sofa
Cameo Sofa by Omnia
Vercelli Reclining Sofa
Atlantic Reclining Sofa
Delano Reclining Sofa by Omnia
Ellis Leather Sofa.jpg
Ellis Sofa by Omnia
Harvey Retro Leather.jpg
Harvey Leather Sofa
Campbell Reclining Sofa
Great Texan by Omnia Leather
Kingsley by Omnia Leather

The cornerstone of our leather lies in comfort and construction, so hand-tailored American craftsmanship is key in executing the most comfortable, long-lasting furniture. Since we stand proudly behind our products, you can be assured of our quality craftsmanship.  We believe that the attention put in the details results in higher-quality furniture, which is why our leather furniture is inspected during each phase of construction. Our frames are constructed in America with hand-selected hardwoods, which skilled craftsmen then assemble and reinforce with corner blocking to ensure strong and durable seating. Every component, down to the springs, is carefully chosen and examined to meet our exceptional standards. This approach is a much more sophisticated path to long-lasting satisfaction, ensuring decades of use.