Omnia's Leather Selection

From embossed nubuck to pebbled leather, our collection of over 400 leathers will suit your specific design taste. Because we only use 100% top-grain leather – no splits or vinyl – your furniture will age more gracefully, adopting your lifestyle. Each hide has its own unique markings that reflect its history, so every leather is different. We carefully choose the best hides with the most beautiful details that will add to the depth and character of the patina on your leather furniture. We’ve got every texture, every color, and every type of leather available, so go ahead; find one that’s distinctly you.

Color represented is approximate and not proportional to one another, sample swatches available.

Grade 1 Leather:

Urban is a rich aniline plus leather feathering a light two tone effect which enhances rich look for both Traditional and Transitional styling. Urban provides an expensive look and feel with protection from the pitfalls of day to day living.

Urban Graphite.jpg
Urban Maple.jpg
Urban Ivory.jpg
Urban Cherry.jpg
Urban Driftwood.jpg
Urban Walnut.jpg
Urban Wheat.jpg
Urban 1 River.jpg
Urban Cedar.jpg
Urban Mahogany.jpg
Urban Arctic.jpg
Urban Black.jpg

Grade 2 Leathers:

Amalfi: The beautiful pebble in this heavy weight leather makes Amalfi the perfect choice as a value priced alternative to the upper tier leathers. It is finished with a super soft top coat coupled with an exceptional softness in hand. Amalfi offers excellence in protection and can be easily maintained.

Almalfi Nero.jpg
almalfi vanilla.jpg
Almalfi Crema.jpg

Denver: A beautiful top grain leather with a very soft hand, and a unique two tone effect. The leather is finished with pigment colors which give it protection against wear and fading. Several hours of milling give Denver its supple soft hand.

Denver Charcoal.jpg
Denver Dark Brown.jpg
Denver Bordeaux.jpg
Denver Dove.jpg
Denver Fawn.jpg
Denver Honey.jpg
Denver Pecan.jpg

Europa: A top-grain leather inspired by today’s eclectic lifestyle. With its upbeat palette and supple feel, Europa appeals for its simplicity. Its contemporary and casual design makes it an instant modern classic. Europa is a clean, light weight leather that adapts to multiple uses. It provides long wear ability while is refined enough for even the most sophisticated home.

Europa Mist.jpg
Europa Blush.jpg
Europa Iceberg.jpg
Europa Dove.jpg
Europa Cafe Latte.jpg
Europa Oxford Blue.jpg
Europa Oyster.jpg
Europa Straw.jpg
Europa Pistacio.jpg
Europa Tangerine.jpg
Europa Edelweiss.jpg

Guanaco: From one of the oldest leather families in Europe comes a new concept in upholstery leather. Guanaco, is aniline dyed using the most state of the art tanning techniques to insure durability. Depth of color is achieved with a proprietary finishing process that results in a soft hand with perfect drag. The slight pull-up effect combined with the unique grain structure leaves Guanaco un-challenged in the marketplace.

Guanaco Dark Brown.jpg
Guanaco Caramel.jpg
Guanaco West.jpg
Guanaco Granite.jpg
Guanaco Grey.jpg
Guanaco Black.jpg
Guanaco Aztec.jpg
Guanaco Bermuda.jpg
Guanaco Sangria.jpg

Maverick: A top grain leather featuring subtle crackle effect and luxuriously soft waxy hand. When stretched the leather will lighten in color revealing a naturally aged look. Natural characteristics such as healed scars, insect marks and other fine signatures of nature adds character and beauty to this leather.

Maverick Cognac.jpg
Maverick Blue.jpg
Maverick Mocca.jpg
Maverick Green.jpg

Seville: A distressed, nubuk type of leather that has a matte finish and a slightly aged appearance. The distinctive qualities of this product are its smooth, silky touch and its velvety finish achieved with a waxy hand feel agents introduced in the milling drum. Designed and manufactured in Italy, Seville has been regarded as an instant classic and celebrated as an outstanding leather achievement. Featuring some healed scars and natural marks, dye lots may vary due to the aniline state of the product.

Seville Pewter.jpg
Seville Ranch.jpg
Seville Dark Brown.jpg

Grade 3 Leathers:

Brooklyn: Features a bold tipping effect which achieves the perfect balance of sophisticated elegance. It is a heavy weight article with an exceptional hand. The slight shiny tips contribute to the unique dimensional beauty that perfectly enables the use of the article from traditional to contemporary applications. The striking color selection embraces the key characteristics and natural beauty of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Molasses.jpg
Brooklyn Fog.jpg
Brooklyn Clove.jpg
Brooklyn Biscuit.jpg
Brooklyn Sir Edmund.jpg

Burlington: A soft grain leather with a very gentle pull-up that returns thanks to the oil finish on the surface. A classical leather where the sign of life has been left evident only to accentuate the real nature and character of the leather.

Burlington Ranch.jpg
Burlington Chocolate.jpg

Eugene: This best selling leather is semi-aniline with a two-tone effect. Finished in Italy with state of the art technology and timeless craftsmanship, Eugene combines a soft, buttery hand with a gentle tipping effect that blends in with the two-tone underneath. Eugene is a remarkable achievement of fine leather making.

Eugene Mink.jpg
Eugene Pebble.jpg
Eugene Slate.jpg
Eugene Bourbon.jpg
Eugene Tumbleweed.jpg
Eugene Espresso.jpg
Eugene Smoke.jpg
Eugene High Plains.jpg
Eugene Cream.jpg
Eugene Brick.jpg
Eugene Cognc.jpg

Genesis is a new collection with a remarkable velvety finish and gentle waxy touch featuring a light two tone effect. Genesis combines the look and feel of a Nubuck leather with the physical characteristics of an aniline leather. Its performance to wear and overall durability are not normally found in this type of look. This contemporary Nubuck article is family friendly

Genesis Dijon.jpg
Genesis Snow.jpg
Genesis Honey.jpg
Genesis Oceanside.jpg
Genesis Plum.jpg
Genesis Taupe.jpg
Genesis Sand.jpg
Genesis Seafoam.jpg
Genesis Portobello.jpg
Genesis River Rock.jpg

Saloon: Saloon is an Aniline Plus leather with a waxy crackled effect. Finished in Italy with state of the art technology and timeless craftsmanship, Saloon has been regarded as an instant classic. The distinctive qualities of this product are its smooth, silky hand feel and its gentle matte finish. Saloon has been designed to resist scratching and have minimal to no color variation from hide to hide.

Saloon Luna.jpg
Saloon Seaglass.jpg
Saloon Marlin.jpg
Saloon Mushroom.jpg
Saloon Palomino.jpg
Saloon Whiskey.jpg
Saloon Vanilla.jpg
Saloon Blush.jpg
Saloon Winter Glass.jpg
Saloon Dove.jpg
Saloon Grey.jpg
Saloon Oxblood.jpg