Omnia Leather Recliners

Keep in mind, each piece shown below is available in the leather type & color of your choice!

Choose your recliner style - leather type & color - and add your options! Options include power recline, power headrest, power adjusting lumbar, lift,  swivel, gliding and more! For help designing a recliner you'll love please contact Rebelle Home today! 


What something with a little bling? Add an embossed leather to seat backs, arms and outside panels!

For more information on an item, or the get our best possible price please give us a call today!

Moderno Bergamo Recliner.jpg
Bergamo Moderno Recliner
Elizabeth Push Back Recliner by Omnia
San Juan Recliner.jpg
San Juan Recliner by Omnia Leather
Larson Modern Recliner.jpg
Larsen Recliner by Omnia
Pisa Push Back Recliner by Omnia
Marshall Leather Recliner.jpg
Marshall Recliner by Omnia
Alexandria push back.jpg
Alexandria Push Back Recliner by Omnia Leather
Malibu Contemporary Recliner.jpg
Marlin Recliner by Omnia
Huntington Push Back Recliner.jpg
Huntington Push Back Recliner
Bergamo Recliner.jpg
Bergamo Recliner by Omnia
Fairfield Leather Recliner.jpg
Fairfield Recliner by Omnia Leather
Axel Recliner.jpg
Axel Recliner by Omnia Leather
Mission Stickly Recliner.jpg
Mission Recliner by Omnia Leather
Eldorado Plush Recliner.jpg
Eldorado Recliner by Omnia Leather
Venus Recliner by Omnia
Santa Monica Ergo Chair by Omnia
Riverton Recliner by Omnia
Fairmont Recliner by Omnia
Big Sur Black Leather.jpg
Big Sur Ergo Chair by Omnia
Benjamin Push Back.jpg
Benjamin Push Back Recliner by Omnia
Brookfield Recliner.jpg
Brookfield Recliner by Omnia
Brookhaven Recliner.jpg
Brookhaven Recliner by Omnia
Cortina Leather Recliner.jpg
Cortina Leather Recliner by Omnia
Dakota Traditional Recliner.jpg
Dakota Recliner by Omnia
Vercelli Leather Recliners.jpg
Vercelli Recliner by Omnia
Nicholas Leather Recliner.jpg
Nicolas Recliner by Omnia
Carlton Recliner.jpg
Carlton Recliner by Omnia
Cameo Push Back.jpg
Camero Push Back Recliner by Omnia
Albany Leather Recliner by Omnia
Vermont Leather Recliners.jpg
Vermont Recliner by Omnia
Murano Bergamo Recliner.jpg
Murano Power Recliner by Omnia
Carson Push Back.jpg
Carson Push Back Recliner by Omnia
Connor Recliner.jpg
Connor Leather Recliner by Omnia
Pismo Beach Ergo Chair.jpg
Pismo Beach Ergo by Omnia
Rosemont Leather Recliner.jpg
Rosemont Recliner by Omnia
Mercury Recliner by Omnia
Morgan Large Leather Recliners.jpg
Morgan Recliner by Omnia
Riley Modern Recliner.jpg
Riley Recliner by Omnia
Opal Luxury Leather Recliner.jpg
Opal Leather Recliner by Omnia
Rexford Push Back Recliner.jpg
Rexford Push Back Recliner by Omnia
Nicolas Chair and Half.jpg
Nicholas Chair and 1/2 Recliner by Omnia
Taviano Ultra Modern Leather.jpg
Taviano Recliner by Omnia
Roxbury Modern Leather.jpg
Roxbury Recliner by Omnia
Riviera Distressed Recliner.jpg
Riviera Leather Recliner by Omnia
Riverside Drive REcliner.jpg
Riverside Drive Recliner by Omnia
Dover REcliner.jpg
Dover Recliner by Omnia
delano recliner.jpg
Delano Recliner by Omnia
Bedford Recliner by Omnia
Atlantic Recliner by Omnia
Bentley Recliner by Omnia
cornell sienna latte.JPG
CornnellRecliner by Omnia
Paris Recliner by Omnia
Riverton Recliner by Omnia
lennox recliner guanaco west.jpg
Lennox Recliner by Omnia
Fairfax Recliner by Omnia
Rexford Recliner by Omnia
Pisa Recliner by Omnia
curtis recliner guanaco west.jpg
Curtis Recliner by Omnia
Rockland Recliner by Omnia
Carolina Recliner by Omnia

The cornerstone of our leather lies in comfort and construction, so hand-tailored American craftsmanship is key in executing the most comfortable, long-lasting furniture. Since we stand proudly behind our products, you can be assured of our quality craftsmanship.  We believe that the attention put in the details results in higher-quality furniture, which is why our leather furniture is inspected during each phase of construction. Our frames are constructed in America with hand-selected hardwoods, which skilled craftsmen then assemble and reinforce with corner blocking to ensure strong and durable seating. Every component, down to the springs, is carefully chosen and examined to meet our exceptional standards. This approach is a much more sophisticated path to long-lasting satisfaction, ensuring decades of use.