How We Risked It All & Curbed The Brands That Almost Put Us In A Ditch~

The conversation was heated, the blame seemed to shift from one to the other. We pulled reports, emails, and brought the warehouse team into a meeting. We already knew who did it, we just wanted confirmation from everyone.

My business was being dragged down by a few individuals, and it seemed that my team was doing everything in their power to make it work. We put it to a vote, and the vote was unanimous- these individuals were out! I will withhold the names of these individuals, but they know who they are. They cost us over a $1000 a week, and they were giving Rebelle Home a bad name. Again, I won't tell you their names, but I will tell you who they are: cheap furniture manufacturers, most of them in China, but some right here in the USA! These companies were cutting costs and corners with their particle board construction and low-density foam- the list goes on. We found that we were spending as much time repairing furniture as we were delivering it. And our integrity was at stake.

Solid cherry bedroom set by Simply Amish~

We didn’t know if switching to a higher quality, higher priced product was a great business plan or not. Had the cheap furniture that you see in every store become the new norm? Do people really want things that last these days?

These questions were answered in the summer of 2018 and continued throughout that year. We received an overwhelming response to our transformation. People were loving the superior construction and luxury feel of our new furniture lines. They were coming from all over to check out our selection of gorgeous American made wood and leather furniture.

Since that decision, our business has evolved into something so much more than just a furniture store. We’ve used our interior design experience to help people put together their spaces. We’ve continued to up our quality and improve our selection and styles.

Omnia Leather ~ Made in America with the finest Italian leathers

But rather than stopping there, we’ve taken a look at our furniture costs and overhead and have taken steps to lower our margins as much as possible, as well as adding financing options, to keep our products within reach of every day Southern Oregonians.

We are now happier than we have ever been with our little business, and the community is as well. So, I guess you could say that gamble in the summer of 2018 paid off. This summer, Rebelle Home will be celebrating our 8th year anniversary and as we continue to on, we can’t help but feel so blessed. There are a lot of new, exciting things going on right now. Our team has grown, and we were lucky to include several very talented and dedicated individuals. We are continuing to grow our selection and have recently added several lines made in North Carolina, and we’re welcoming a daughter (and my first child) in early July after nearly a decade of trying.

Yes, Rebelle Home has seen a lot of recent changes. We invite you to come and see the Rebelle Home difference: beautiful solid wood bedroom and dining, luxurious leather pieces wrapped in supple Italian leather, and fun and funky accessories for a personalized touch. Find Rebelle Home at 305 South Fir, in Medford.

At Rebelle Home, we proudly carry only the absolute best quality furniture


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