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Simply Amish FAQ

Is the furniture really made by the Amish?

Yes...each piece of Simply Amish furniture is built by Amish communities in the Midwest of the United States. Each builder is carefully selected to meet specific guidelines and quality standards, and our builders gladly stand behind their work and sign each piece of furniture upon completion.

Where is the furniture built?

All furniture from Simply Amish is constructed in the U.S.A. with the majority of it coming from the Central Illinois region.

What is the best way to care for the furniture?

See our Furniture Care section for a detailed explanation of how we care for our furniture.

How are the drawers constructed?

Every drawer box is made using a solid wood five piece construction, with dovetails in front and in the back to ensure that the box will retain its integrity for years to come.

The drawer boxes are also finished both inside and out, so they not only look good, but will prevent any any delicate fabrics from snagging.

What is the standard drawer slide?

Exceptional drawers require exceptional hardware.

That's why our drawers feature heavy-duty slides that are fully enclosed and mounted from below, combining years of quiet, reliable operation with an unobstructed view of their solid dovetail construction.

SmartSlides, which are standard on all our drawers, fully extend for maximum access and feature an advanced mechanism that prevents slamming by self-closing each drawer inches from the cabinet.

What type of table slides are available?

ball-bearing slides
Standard on all tables, unless otherwise noted. Our sturdy built ball-bearing slides, custom made for us in Germany, provide years of smooth reliable operation. These top of the line slides come with our lifetime warranty, affording you, the original owner, protection against defects of materials or craftsmanship.

wooden slides
Our larger ball-bearing slides open to around 50”, any table that opens wider (our really long extension tables) will feature custom made wooden slides. Smaller studio tables will also feature wooden slides, instead of ball-bearing slides.

comfort brakes and locks
Tables equipped with the ball-bearing slides will also feature one of the following systems to allow you to lock the top in place with or without leaves in place. Most tables will feature our new Comfort Brake System. Tables that do not have enough space for those will feature latch locks on the table halves and leaves.


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