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Simply Amish Wood Stains & Finishing Touches

Select your wood type and stain color, plus your hardware from these choices. Add distressing, a glaze, or choose to do a two-tone color option!

Please contact us or call 541-500-8855 if you have any questions.

Shop Furniture Online.jpg

Wood Stain Options

The asterisk '*' indicates a premium stain, which will incur an extra charge. Piece may be done in a single stain, two (or more) tone, and you may add antinquing to the edges, add hand-hewing, hand-distressing in varying degrees, and much more. Please contact us for help or more information.

'Soft' Maple
Maple Honeycomb.jpg
Maple Amber Glow.jpg
Maple Chestnut.jpg
Maple Michaels.jpg
Maple Hazelnut.jpg
Maple Avalon.jpg
Maple Barnboard Premium.jpg
Maple Buckeye.jpg
Maple Bourbon.jpg
Maple Charcoal.jpg
Maple Cloudy Bay Premium.jpg
Maple Java Premium.jpg
Maple Mocha Nut.jpg
Maple Nimbus.jpg
Maple Rawhide Premium.jpg
Cherry / Character Cherry Wood Stains:
C Natural Cherry.jpg
C Autumn Haze.jpg
C Amber Glow.jpg
C Gold Dust.jpg
C Hazelnut.jpg
C Chestnut.jpg
C Bourbon.jpg
C Avalon.jpg
C Asphalt Premium.jpg
C Charcoal.jpg
C Mocha Nut.jpg
C Java Premium.jpg
C Mist Premium.jpg
Red Oak
Oak Natural Stain.jpg
Oak Cattail.jpg
C Washington.jpg
Oak Avalon.jpg
Oak Autumn Haze.jpg
Oak Bourbon.jpg
Oak Amber GLow.jpg
Oak Buckeye.jpg
Oak Charcoal.jpg
Oak Chestnut.jpg
Oak Java Premium.jpg
Oak Michaels.jpg
Oak Mocha Nut.jpg
Oak Nimbus.jpg
Oak Rawhide Premium.jpg
Oak Smoke.jpg
Oak hazelnut.jpg
Oak Saddle.jpg
Quarter-Sawn White Oak
QSWO Amber Glow.jpg
QSWO Chestnut.jpg
QSWO Hazelnut.jpg
QSWO Bourbon.jpg
QSWO Michaels.jpg
QSWO Avalon.jpg
QSWO Nimbus.jpg
CC Nantucket.jpg
cc Simply Red.jpg
cc black.jpg
CC Oatmeal.jpg

Hardware Options

Each Millcraft collection has hardware that comes standard, chosen to accentuate the style of that particular collection. You are welcome to change the hardware pulls and knobs to your liking, of course. 

Standard on the • Journey's End
• Sierra Classic
Mercer Collection
Standard on the • Oasis
• Winslow
Hammond Collection
Palmer Collection
Standard on the • San Juan Mission
Circa Forged Collection
Standard on the • Old English Mission
Georgetown Collection
Botanica Collection
Noble Collection
Standard on the • Galaxy
• Crossan
Chandler Collection
Standard on the • Catalina
Modern Collection
Standard on the • Bridge Bay
Iron Forged Collection
Standard on the • Hamilton
Clark Collection
Standard on the  • Baldwin
Vintage Collection
Standard on the • Bridge Bay
Stanwood Collection
Standard on the • Redmond Wellington
Tacoma Collection
Standard on the • Lynnwood
Bungalow Collection
Traverse Collection
Standard on the • Ashton
• San Marino
Windham Collection
Classic Arcadia Collection
Standard on the • Elegant River Bend
American Vintage Collection
Traditional Collection
Standard on the • Victoria's Traditions
Sedona Collection
Standard on the • Tucson
Deco Knob
Standard on the • Greenwich
Early American Knob
(in your choice of stain color)
Gotham Pull
Standard on the • Louis Phillipe
• Versailles
Edison Knob
Standard on the • Eminence
• Fur Elise
Hampton Knob
Standard on the • Elizabeth Lockwood
Terrace Knob
(in your choice of stain color)
Lyndhurst Knob
Standard on the • Bordeaux
• Vineyard

Every Piece of Millcraft Furniture Features:


  • Made in Ohio

  • All Soft Close Drawers - Standard!

  • Made with Solid Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Oak, or Quartersawn White Oak

  • Heirloom Quality Furniture, Built to Last!

  • We Will Meet or Beat Anyone's Price! CALL or EMAIL Us Now!

About Millcraft:


Millcraft Furniture is a solid hardwood bedroom furniture builder nestled in the hills of Holmes County, OH. It is home of the largest Amish community in the world. In a modern world where culture is leaning harder and with a quickened pace towards a nameless mélange, this community holds fast and true to our time-honored tradition of value and distinction.


Dove tailed joiners, solid hardwood panels, and attention to detail are just a few chords that still ring true at Millcraft. Around here we live simply, and that simplicity requires hard work, sharpened senses, and a diligent eye for detail. Lest we forget...simple isn't always easy.


At Millcraft we have worked long and hard to accomplish a dream of ours. That dream is to build a company with value. Value that reflects our conviction and commitment to Jesus Christ. Value that expresses itself in the work of our hands. Value that will work for you and work for generations — yours and ours.

Read More About Millcraft Here~

Rock Maple
Rock Maple Natural.jpg
Rock Maple Milkweed.jpg
Rock Maple Chestnut.jpg
Hickory Natural Finish.jpg
Hickory Autumn Haze.jpg
Hickory Amber Glow.jpg
Hickory Bourbon.jpg
Hickory Cattail.jpg
Hickory Michaels.jpg
Hickory Chestnut.jpg
Hickory Avalon.jpg
Walnut Natural Stain.jpg
Walnut Gold Dust.jpg
Walnut Michaels.jpg
Walnut Bourbon.jpg
cc Pebble.jpg
cc fruitwood.jpg
cc cloudy bay.jpg
cc bamboo shoot.jpg
Maple Saddle.jpg
Maple Smoke.jpg
Maple Antique White.jpg
Maple Pure White.jpg
C Nimbus.jpg
C Rawhide Premium.jpg
C Saddle.jpg
Oak Gold Dust.jpg
Specialty ~ Can Be Done On Any Wood ~ Shown On Maple
CC Pewter.jpg
CC Spice.jpg
CC Tobacco.jpg
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