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Wyatt Chair by Leathercraft

Wyatt Chair

*Starts at $2898


4392 Wyatt Chair pictured in Glenwood/Guava with Del Rio Croc/Sable on Outback, Outarms and Seat Border with Maple Legs.

North Carolina Furniture.jpg

The Wyatt accent chair by Leathercraft is an elegant design with a concave back and and exposed wood frame.


When you purchase a Leathercraft sofa you are bringing home something of true, exceptional quality. The superior craftsmanship and attention to detail shine. The hand-picked details make it personal.

Priced in your color choice of 'Applause' Leather



  • 8-way hand tied springs

  • 5/4" solid maple frame

  • Heirloom quality

  • Cold-cured poly foam


  • Outside: H 45″ W 34.5″ D 37.5″

  • Inside: H 25″ W 30.5″ D 20″

  • Arm Height: 20″

  • Seat Height: 20″

  • Choose your leather, color, and finishing touches!

  • Custom Sizes Available! Ask about our “By the Inch” program which allows you to order upholstery to meet your exact length specifications.

Read Leathercraft's Materials & Construction FAQ

Appearance, comfort and performance

What is perfect leather? We believe, one that shows the genuine character of the leather hide. Scratches, scars, insect bites, neck wrinkles and brands, verify authenticity. We feel leather should look like leather, not the vinyl table cloth at home when you were growing up. Every piece of Leathercraft furniture is constructed from the highest grade of materials currently available. We engineer each piece to meet your expectations and warrant each piece to do so. All Leathercraft upholstery is manufactured in North Carolina which reduces the urban foot print of the energy used to import product from abroad.

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Leathercraft Finishing Touches.jpg
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